Spring? You can come out now.

This won’t be a complaint about Winter 2015. Though record-breaking, Winter 2015 has only existed a short 6 weeks, really. A brutal, claustrophobia-inducing 6 weeks, but barely over a month’s worth of snow and cold.

That said, I am SO READY FOR SPRING. I want to feel the sunshine, breathe the fresh air, go for a walk, open windows. Maybe even wear open-toed shoes!

Some of my favorite places to be outdoors:

Harvard Square

Assembly Row

Legacy Place Dedham

Boston Common

The Waterfront

Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

and Cape Cod!

I dream of the day I won’t change from rain/snow boots into my heels at work, lugging extra footwear everywhere I go. The days where I won’t need to pack gloves and a hat in my purse.

Until then, I will watch the brown snow pile melt outside my office window…

brown snow

for the ‘burbs

I know I’m typically talking about all things Boston or at least the bordering ‘burbs but Weston is close enough.

Back in May I left my position in 02135 to start something new in Weston. It’s only 15 minutes from my home in Watertown but wow is it a whole new world. I look out my window and see a wall of trees! Quite different from my last office’s view of the Mass Pike.

I count my blessings. I’m grateful for an exciting new job where I’m challenged and excited to do creative work. One thing was missing. I would miss all the lunch deliveries that were available in Boston. We sure enjoyed our lunches. Out here? Not so much. There are options (good ones, too) but only a few.

On this Chinese New Year, I’d like to bring up:


Dumpling Daughter is fairly new to the neighborhood. And oh, so sooo good. They have a creative and delicious menu, not your standard Chinese take-out at all. And a good selection of vegetarian options. They also feature specials on their website that change quite frequently, so be sure to check the website before placing your order.

Happy New Year! Enjoy!


Assembly Row – Somerville, MA


Have you been to Assembly Row yet?

No? Well, you should visit. 

Assembly Row is a development in Somerville, MA that is home to great restaurants, the nicest movie theatre in town (it has a bar!), Legoland, outlet shopping, etc. but the best part – in my opinion – would be the community events that take place there. 

Food Truck Festivals. Pet-a-palooza. August Music Series. (maybe a Holiday music series coming soon!) Riverfest. 

There’s a great splashpad and park for the littles. Plenty of parking. 

There’s always something going on over there, lots of fun – I try to get to as many events as I can at Assembly Row and it never disappoints. 

See you there?

time to refresh


So I started this blog upon request. A high school friend had started up an online resource for mothers and asked if I would contribute as a blogger.

I had never blogged before. I was flattered.
I contributed a few entries and this site has lay dormant ever since.

A lot has happened since I last logged in. Things I had thought to blog about but would get to anxious or angry. But sometimes your greatest strengths come from those trying times. I’d like to think that I am stronger.
#BostonStrong #WatertownStrong

I’m a little late but I’m now reading Jeff Bauman’s ‘Stronger’. It’s fantastic. Jeff is your typical Boston kid. Works a regular guy job, loves his family, tough but the Red Sox can bring him to tears. Jeff is like anyone you’d meet on the street, except he’s not. He’s extraordinary. His story was told to show the evil ones out there that he’s stronger than ever. It reminds us all about the good people out there. The people that are more impressive and more important, who the true heroes are. The things that I want to think about when helicopters overhead or locals doing donuts in the Verizon parking lot or kids setting off fireworks on the bike path wake me in cold sweats from a sound sleep.

Since the Watertown shootout on 4-19-2013, my life has changed in many ways. I’ve met a lot of inspiring people. Every now and then someone will ask where to find me online.
I will be updating this page more often with fundraiser information and any other event or story that I feel like sharing. Thanks for continuing to read along!